Why Farytheme


As a Graphic Designer I have 13 years and as a Developer 7 years, we started developing Blogger themes for sales in envato 2019, building themes with quality, elegant, creative, modern, etc. differentiating us from the existing themes for Blogger. I like to create and differentiate myself from others, giving the client an easy and fast way to start and provide their services to the world. I am always open to listen to new suggestions, questions, or concerns of the client.

Personality and style.

As a freelance designer I have grown up with digital. But we are still growing with it, constantly adapting to modern modalities in design. With our special skills to create highly original solutions that deliver results time and time again.

Results and focus.

We always put our clients first. The most important thing is to produce creative solutions from the client's brief that work. Each project I work closely with the client to make their particular project a reality.

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